Clients Comments



Below are excerpts from official reports written by the senior examiner's at the driving examiners training centre at Cardington Bedfordshire on John’s instructor and supervising instructor examinations.
These reports can be seen at our premises.

“A virtually faultless performance throughout. Clear, concise, pleasant and containing a good element of humour.
All his comments valid”

“Another sound session with good instructions and explanations given to gain early achievement from his trainee.
All aspects covered well.

Excellent – good use of clear visual aids. All faults corrected.”

Below is a quote from a retired police motorcyclist
who did a course with us to be a
fully qualified motorcycle instructor.

I was an Advanced Police Motorcyclist. Upon retirement I did a course with John to be a fully qualified civilian motorcycle instructor (Cardington qualified). I have attended numerous advanced police courses and feel that John teaches his various subjects as well as, if not better than, any of them. Karl Bxxxxx